Plant Issues

Spotted bollworm larvae mainly attack bolls, but also feed on squares, shoots and flowers if bolls are not present. If
The leaves affected by cotton leafhopper and jassids turn yellowish, then brownish starting from the margins and migrating to the
Black Citrus Aphid affect all citrus trees in all growth stages. The aphids have long piercing mouthparts which they use
Its primary symptoms appear during the spring as small grey or brown flecks on young fruits. As soon as summer
In the early stage of hairy caterpillars have long white hairs coming from the flanks of their body. Their main
American bollworm has been identified to attack more than 180 host plants. These host plants include beans, maize, tomato, legumes
Aphids basically belong to Aphidoidea Family. They are small sap-sucking  insects like greenfly and blackfly.  However, they are not harmful
The symptoms of Alternaria blight usually occur in summer and are depicted by the presence of angular or circular spots
Angular Leaf Spots are very easy to distinguish since the plants suffering from this develop leaf spots that follow leaf
Castor Semilooper achaea janata is widely distributed throughout India. Though castor is the principal host plant for them, it has