Plant Issues

In this paper, we focus on forecasting yield of paddy based on data from Sentinel-2 satellite data. The study area
Optical remote sensing is one of the most commonly used data source for deriving crop information such as crop type
At Farmonaut, we estimated the number of trees for more than 800 farmlands totaling 1000+ hectares in area for one
Evolution of different farming practices over the years have diverted farming towards usage of chemicals and synthetic products. This usage
The study entitled “Business Opportunities And Technology Use In Farm Traceability” will guide you through what traceability is all about
The study entitled “IOT in Cotton farming and factors affecting Growth of Cotton” will show you how technologies could be
During the Rabi season 2020-21, Farmonaut performed yield estimation of wheat in Saharsa district of Bihar using its remote sensing
Every time the satellite crosses location of the selected field, Farmonaut’s Satellite Based Crop Health Monitoring System generates field results
Introducing ROBUST POLYGON MANAGEMENT SYSTEM with the Farmonaut Web App. While monitoring a big area for crop health and water
While Monitoring the farms, it is essential to observe how different parts of the field have shown growth changes through