Crop Health, Water Stress, Evapotranspiration, Soil Organic Carbon, Radar Data, Weather Forecast, Farmers’ Social Network, Govt. Approved Database and so much more!

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Farmonaut started in 2018 with a vision to bridge the technological gap between farmers and bring the latest state-of-the-art technologies in the hands of each and every farmer in the most cost-effective way.

Farmonaut has been at the forefront of providing satellite data directly to the farmers through its award-winning developed android, iOS and web platforms and has monitored millions of hectares of farm lands nationally as well as internationally.

Stay Alert About Your Farms Through Satellites
Crop Health

Identify underperforming locations on the field.


Identify locations water is getting lost into the atmosphere at a high rate.

Radar Data

Get Crop Health Data even in extremely cloudy conditions.

Digital Elevation Model

Identify topographical slopes at micro level.

Colorblind Visualization

Get color neutral satellite data (specifically for colorblind users).

Water Stress

Identify locations where plant water stress is low.

Soil Moisture

Identify locations where soil moisture is low.

Soil Organic Carbon

Identify locations where soil organic carbon levels have gone down.

Current & Forecast Weather

Get Weather Status from the nearest weather station from the field.

Crop Area & Yield Estimation

Estimate presence of crops and their yields at large scale.

Large Scale Traceability

Map, Monitor and Trace farms and their data in bulk.


Farmers' Social Network

• Post Any Issue Related To Your Farm

• Get Help From Other Farmers

• Exchange Farming Knowledge


Farmonaut Database

• Approved For Usage In India

• Information About 100+ Crops

• Information About 300+ Diseases/Problems


Satellite Monitoring

• Monitor Crop Performance Remotely

• Get Satellite Data Every 2-5 Days

farmonaut voice text based crop issue identification (6)

Text Based Disease/Pest Identification

• Explain Any Issue Related To Your Farm

• Get Instant Help From Farmonaut Chat Bot

• Govt. Approved Resolutions

  •  Access  & Modify The Collected Data Through API
  • Download Data In .KML and .XLSX Format

Prominent Users


Large Scale Farm Mapping & Traceability

• Map Fields Through Our Apps

• Smart Way To Implement Farm Traceability




  • Farm input (Seed, Fertilizer/Plant Protection etc.) given during various stages of the crop cycle.
  • Disease/Infestation occurred during various stages of the crop cycle and geo-tagged images of the disease from the field.
  • Rate Farming Practices of the Farmer.




Our Additional Services

  • Mapping Farms in Large Quantity.
  • Traceability
  • API Access
  • Tree Age Estimation
  • Tree Number Estimation
  • Field Area Estimation
  • Plantation Performance

Tree Number Identification

Crop Area Estimation

Tree Age Identification

Get Hectare Units For API Access

Now you can develop your own custom agricultural remote sensing solutions for your organization based upon Farmonaut Technologies.

  • Single API For Satellite + Weather Data
  • Submit Farms
  • Modify Farm Coordinates
  • Pause/Resume Farm Monitoring
  • Get Detailed Farm Reports (PDF as well as HTML)
  • Decide What Language To Get The Report In (50+ Language Options)
  • Get Detailed Breakdown Of Farm Health Indicators

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20000+ Users
100,000+ Farmers Helped

1 Million+ Ha Area Monitored


Narendra Mail from Taluka- Disha, Banaskantha (Gujarat)
Prashant Amitbhai Hirapara from Dhoraji, Rajkot (Gujarat)
Ashish Vaishnav from Dhoraji, Rajkot (Gujarat)
“Perfect use of remote sensing technology.”
“Great App”
“Nice, informative app.”
"This application is real helping farmers."

Our Clients & Partners

Driving technology for leading brands

TTG, Uzbekistan

Viswamatha Farms, Andhra Pradesh

Meet The Team

Ankur Omar


Ankur Omar graduated from BITS Pilani Goa in 2016 and has been developing ag-tech solutions since last 4 years.

Akash Omar


Akash Omar has worked in the education sector for 10 years and has been taking Farmonaut further with the experience gained in ed-tech.

Samir Kumar


Samir Kumar has worked in leading positions in industry from finance to commodity trading in India, Africa, Middle East, Latin America.

Dipanker Gyan


Dipanker Gyan has 15+ years of experience in research on distinct fields including Agriculture commodities.

Shivani Dudhatra

Technical Writer

Shivani Dudhatra is an Agricultural Engineer with experience in Agribusiness management and remote sensing technologies.

Ashish Kumar

Project Technology Lead

Ashish Kumar holds a Bachelor in Computer Science and his expertise range from developing UI/UX for mobile and desktop applications, developing backend infrastructure to developing IOT/Embedded Systems.

Vipul Baloda

Lead Software Engineer

Vipul Baloda is an IIT Delhi graduate with a strong domain knowledge in mobile and web application development.

Dr. L. K. Pandey

Senior Agriculture Advisor

Dr. L. K. Pandey is the Managing Director and (CEO) of Ananya Seeds Pvt. Ltd. which strives to provide high quality seeds through advanced breeding and biotechnology techniques.

Arindam Das


Arindam has spent the past 30 years in various Industries including leadership roles across Business Development, Account Management, Learning and Development and Training.

Chetan V. Dedhia


Very early in his career as a progressive farmer he ventured into the Business of high-tech agriculture. His experience in open field cultivation has given-him deep insight about the problems in cultivation.

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EU Global Action on Space

We are glad to announce that Farmonaut® has been selected by The European Commission for EU Global Action on Space.

The EU Global Action on Space is funded by the European Union and provides a range of partnership resources enabling EU and non-EU companies and organizations to work together within and beyond the space domain, to extend and enhance the application of the space program for society’s further benefit.

Agri Startup Conclave & Kisan Sammelan

Farmonaut® has been nominated from ICRISAT’s Agri-Business incubator (ABI) for participation in Agri Startup Conclave & Kisan Sammelan – 2022.

Agri Startup Conclave & Kisan Sammelan is a two-day celebration of India’s breakthrough innovations in agriculture. 


We are glad to announce that we are now a member of the Agri-Business Incubator of ICRISAT.

ABI-ICRISAT was established in 2003 by ICRISAT with support of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, under its National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB). 

We are glad to announce that Farmonaut is selected to be a part of the Jiogennext ecosystem.

We thank JioGenNext for recognizing our hard work done in the field of agriculture.
We will continue to innovate and bring state-of-the-art technologies in the hands of each and every farmer and farming community.

🎉 We are so excited to announce that we have joined the Plug and Play Tech Center’s Food & Agtech Fall cohort! 🚀🙂

Some of Plug and Play’s success stories include Dropbox, PayPal (acq’d by eBay), Lending Club (NYSE: LC), NatureBox, SoundHound, Zoosk, Matcha (acq’d by Apple), VentureBeat.

Happy Farming! 🙂

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Farmonaut has received the “Most Admired & Preferred Agritech Emerging Unicorn Award for the Ground-Breaking & Innovative Technology” at the 127th Conference & 2021 CEO Awards held on 27th August at Aloft Cessna Business Park, Bengaluru organized by CE Worldwide.

Ramaiah-Evolute Star Startup Award

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Farmonaut has received the prestigious @ramaiahevolute Ramaiah Evolute Star Startup Award. The Ramaiah-Evolute Star Startup Awards recognize the best cross-disciplinary start-ups using high technology and high level of innovation where the end product or process has a significant impact on society.

Check this latest feature about Farmonaut in the 1st edition (March 2022) of the print and digital magazine of GIS Resources. The edition is titled “Geospatial Technologies for Crop Damage and Compensation Estimation.” 

We are glad to see that our work is getting recognized by the Government itself. Read this report put together by various government agencies about the Agricultural Situation in India and how various startups are pitching in to boost the agricultural sector.

India is an agrarian country and about 70% of its population is dependent on agriculture either directly or indirectly. However, not all farmers are leading a happy contented life. This is starkly…

Digital agricultural practices briskly proliferated most emerging markets in 2021, with improved adoption observed across Asian and African nations.

We had a chance to have a small questionnaire with Ankur Omar, Founder of Farmonaut. He has shared some interesting insights about the motivation behind Farmonaut…

Farmonaut is a start-up that is based out of Bengaluru and is working very hard with several farmers across India to help them pre-determine crop diseases with the power of their satellites sensors

Farmonaut started in 2018 with a vision to bridge the technological gap between farmers and bring the latest state-of-the-art technologies in the hands of each and every farmer in the most cost-effective way.

The edition titled “Geospatial Technologies: From Data to Information” focuses on the use of various geospatial…

Recently VoV team got a chance to interview Mr. Akash Omar Farmonaut(Co-founder, Farmonaut)

At Farmonaut®, we estimated the number of trees for more than 800 farmlands totaling 1000+ hectares in area for one of our corporate clients. Not only did our system got the results pretty accurate, but also the automated…

Optical remote sensing is one of the most commonly used data source for deriving crop information such as crop type map, biophysical parameters, crop growth stages, yield etc.

खेती, किसानी या किसान, ज़ाहिर हैं देश का एक सबसे अहम क्षेत्र, जिसके बिना शायद भारत जैसे देश की कल्पना करना भी बेईमानी ही हो। लेकिन इतनी अहमियत के बाद भी यह क्षेत्र आज भी कई मायनों में चुनौतियों का सामना कर रहा है।

Evolution of different farming practices over the years have diverted farming towards usage of chemicals and synthetic products. This usage leads to degradation of soil, lowers quality of soil, decreases yield and production of crops, etc.

In this paper, we focus on forecasting yield of paddy based on data from Sentinel-2 satellite data. The study area was wheat crop in Saharsa (Bihar). The crop is in advanced stage and has vegetated fully and harvest is expected in next 10-30 days depending on crop variety of rice. 

India is country which has an economy dependent on the agriculture. The production and distribution of agriculture is very much associated with the economy of India.

The study entitled “IOT in Cotton farming and factors affecting Growth of Cotton” will show you how technologies could be the vital part of the farming culture. Cotton is the crop that requires monitoring and controlling in order to achieve better growth and yield.  

During the Rabi season 2020-21, Farmonaut performed yield estimation of wheat in Saharsa district of Bihar using its remote sensing data and dedicated algorithms with several vegetation indices in consideration to create meaningful data and also by analyzing previous years data sets.

A new report is released about Business Opportunities And Technology Use In Farm Traceability. It will guide you through what traceability is all about and how it can transform agriculture.