Farmonaut and I Support Farming Partnership

We are delighted to have I Support Farming as one of our vital partners in our mission to democratize remote sensing for farming in India.


I Support Farming brings both farmers and the urban people together so that they could partner and take up agriculture. In this engagement, all the capital needed for farming is provided by the urban people and the work is done by the rural farmer. I Support Farming act as the facilitator and moderator of this engagement. At the end of cropping, the farming profits are shared between the farmer, the urban investor and I Support farming, thus resulting in a win-win-win situation.

At the latest, ISF is managing 750+ acres of cultivable land and has generated 6.5 crore of farming value in the last one year. ISF’s customers harvested a return of 19% in the last season.


1. Farmers get access to the Working capital so that he/she can continue to do farming.

2. A minimum guaranteed return for the efforts put in by the farmer is provided.

3. Apart from the guaranteed return, the farmer also gets a share on the profit. This profit share model motivates the farmer to perform better and produce more yield.

4. Good returns for the farmers without any investment. In short, the farmer is de-risked completely.

Farmonaut – ISF Partnership

Remote sensing in agriculture is a proven technology internationally which can help the farmers reduce their chemical/fertilizer usage, prevent any impending problems, reduce irrigation water wastage as well as increase the overall crop yield. However, in India it was not possible for normal farmer to get access to the same due to exorbitant costs attached to the same. 

At Farmonaut, we have broken this cost-barrier and have made the latest satellite technology available for usage to any farmer across the world at the lowest cost possible through our android, iOS and the web-app.

With this paradigm shift and breaking the elitist barrier from the existing industry players who provide the technology to only a handful few, we are making it possible for anyone to access the satellite data for their farming lands.

To further our mission in providing the satellite data to the farmers, I Support Farming will be our exclusive corporate partner for Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. I Support Farming along with its on-field team will be monitoring farming fields on behalf of the farmers and will help them take necessary steps to reduce chemical/fertilizer usage, prevent possible impending problems, reduce irrigation water usage, and increase the overall crop yield.

We will keep posting about any such informative information on to our blogs, to help as many people as possible. Farmonaut is built upon a vision to bridge the technological gap between farmers and strives to bring state-of-the-art technologies in the hands of each and every farmer. For any queries/suggestions, please contact us at

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