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The Problems Faced by the Farming Community


Crop Health Monitoring

Identifying underperforming locations in the field.

Water Stress

Identify locations where plant water stress is low.

Current & Forecast Weather

Get Weather Status from the nearest weather station from the field.

Soil Moisture

Identify locations where soil moisture is low.

Crop Area & Yield Estimation

Estimate presence of crops and their yields at large scale.

Radar Data

Crop Health and Soil Moisture Data even in extremely cloudy conditions.

Digital Elevation Model

Identify topographical slopes at micro level.

Land Use Land Classification

Get colour-neutral satellite data (specifically for colourblind users).


Identify the locations water is getting lost into the atmosphere at a high rate.

Soil Organic Carbon

Identify locations where soil organic carbon levels have gone down.

Colorblind Visualization

Get colour-neutral satellite data (specifically for colourblind users).

Plantation Management

Get color neutral satellite data (specifically for colorblind users).

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