We are a group of folks who love farming and are dedicated to using the latest high-tech tools to change how farming works. We know a lot about using satellite data, maps, and the business side of farming. Our goal is to find real-life solutions to the problems farmers deal with.

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Who We Are?

Farmonaut is an agricultural technology (AgTech) company dedicated to revolutionizing farming practices. Our comprehensive suite of tools empowers stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem, including farmers, and agricultural businesses. Leveraging advanced technologies such as satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Farmonaut develops an integrated platform for data-driven decision-making in farming operations.

We assist organizations in digitizing their entire agricultural supply chain, facilitating seamless management from cultivation to distribution. With a global presence and partnerships with numerous organizations, Farmonaut has digitally transformed millions of acres of farmland and positively impacted the lives of farmers worldwide. Our solutions are adaptable to various crops and geographical locations, offering a user-friendly and customizable approach to agriculture management.



Farmonaut sprouted with a mission to bridge the tech gap in farming, arming growers with top-notch innovations


Our family flourished, sowing seeds of change with groundbreaking solutions like satellite-based crop health monitoring services.


We spread our roots, cultivating acclaim for its fresh take on farming. We refined our solutions for diverse crops and farming methods.


At the growth stage, we’re recognized for advancing agriculture, committed to uplifting farmers globally.

What We Enable?

Enhances farming operations
Provides real-time insight
Increased efficiency and productivity
Sustainable farming practices

Our Valued Partners

Meet the Team

Ankur Omar

Founder and CEO

Akash Omar

Co- Founder and Director

Ashish Kumar

Senior Product Manager

Vipul Baloda

Senior Tech Developer

Saumitra Awasthi

Senior Product Manager

Shivani Dudhatra

Content Writer

Dipanker Gyan

Team Member

Samir Kumar

Team Member

Ram Pratap Narendran

Senior Sales Manager
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