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In the realm of agriculture, the fusion of innovation and tradition paves the way for sustainable growth and prosperity. Recently, Read more
Thursday, 21 March 2024Effortless Field Mapping withFARMONAUT’SAI BOUNDARY DETECTIONLead the Way Introduction We understand the significance of supporting farmers and Read more
TRST01, a company founded in 2019 and based in Madhapur, India, focuses on climate technology within the environmental services industry. Read more
Friday, 23 Feb 2024 SPREADING SUCCESS  IN COTTON FIELDS WITH REINHART SINCE 1788 Introduction Farmonaut's collaboration with Reinhart in cotton Read more
Introduction Sugarcane, a tall, perennial grass of the genus Saccharum, is primarily cultivated for sugar production. It is a robust Read more
WHATSAPP BASED SATELLITE ADVISORY IN 2 MINS Farmonaut's WhatsApp-Based Satellite Advisory is at the forefront of technological advancements, empowering farmers Read more
In a remarkable stride towards agricultural advancement, the Farmers' Training Program on "Post Harvest Management and Technologies for Value Additions Read more
1. Hello Mr. Samir! Let's delve into our discussion on sustainability challenges in sugarcane farming. Can you provide a comprehensive Read more
FARMONAUT SHINES AT IMC 2023 Farmonaut, a pioneer in agricultural technology, recently had the privilege of participating in the prestigious Read more
Hi Shivani! Could you please throw a light on what is Fleet Management System and what is its primary objective? Read more
SATELLITE ANALYTICS GEO-TAGGING FARMER DATA COLLECTION For the past two years, Farmonaut has been engaged in a Farm Digitization initiative. Read more
Hi Dipankar ji! Can you throw some light on fundamental principles of crop monitoring and yield prediction that lay the Read more
Farmonaut's Task Management System Introduction This case study examines how Farmonaut's Task Management System has significantly improved communication and task Read more
Driving efficiency by Farmonaut's Fleet Management System FARMONAUT’S FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM In an increasingly interconnected world, efficient fleet management is Read more
1) Hi Ashish! Can you provide an overview of how satellite technology and remote sensing play a crucial role in Read more
In the heartland of Andhra Pradesh, South India, where agriculture is not just an occupation but a way of life, Read more
INTRODUCTION In this technology-driven world, an affordable and reliable traceability solution is unavoidable in all industrial sectors. Therefore, here we Read more
Hi, Mr Saumitra , as the Senior product manager of Farmonaut , what do you think is the overarching vision Read more
INTRODUCTION The global tea industry is known for its rich history and immense contribution to the economy. However, like any Read more
In an era marked by environmental consciousness and responsible business practices, carbon management and footprinting have emerged as essential cornerstones Read more
WHEAT AREA ESTIMATION Farmonaut's area estimation results align with official estimates with an accuracy of 94%. The accuracy and reliability Read more
Precision agriculture is the use of technology to manage crops more efficiently and sustainably. One of the key tools used Read more
INTRODUCTION Precision farming entails the strategic integration of advanced technologies, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to optimize various aspects of Read more
Crop Monitoring at Early Growth Stage Crop monitoring at the early growth stage is a crucial aspect of modern agriculture Read more
Defenitely, as the CEO of Farmonaut Technologies, I am excited to share our business growth strategies and roadmap for the Read more
INTRODUCTION Agriculture is one of the world's most important industries, providing food and fiber for billions of people. However, it Read more
Floods are one of the most ubiquitous and pernicious natural calamities. They can wreak havoc on property and infrastructure, and Read more
Introduction This case study explores the successful partnership between Godrej Agrovet and Farmonaut, which commenced in 2021 and has led Read more
Blockchain based Traceability: Mission & Vision 2023 At Farmonaut, our mission is to revolutionize global supply chains by leveraging blockchain Read more
Farmonaut's Satellite based Crop Monitoring: Optimizes farming with satellite data insights Farmonaut's satellite-based crop monitoring employs remote sensing data for Read more
Introduction Farmonaut, a leading agricultural technology company, partnered with the Soybean Processors Association of India (SOPA) to conduct a comprehensive Read more
Team Farmonaut® Embarks on G20 Conference The G20, also known as the Group of Twenty, is an annual gathering that Read more
In the world of agriculture, accurate area estimation is a critical factor for effective planning, resource allocation, and yield prediction. Read more
INTRODUCTION: In recent years, the impact of climate change has become increasingly evident, posing significant challenges to agricultural practices and Read more
Farmonaut® is excited to announce a significant achievement in its journey. Farmonaut has been actively supporting RBM Farms by utilizing Read more
THAI BANK KRUNGTHAI Acknowledged FARMONAUT'S RENOVATIVE USE OF SATELLITES IN AGRICULTURE Krung Thai Bank is a development-focused financial institution in Read more
Wheat Area Estimation in MP, Sehore By Farmonaut Sehore, located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India, is known for Read more
DIGITIZING PLANTATION WITH Farmonaut, in collaboration with Godrej Agrovet, has been using its advanced technologies to offer technological plantation services Read more
POTATO MAPPING IN MADHYA PRADESH by Farmonaut Potatoes are a staple crop in India and are grown extensively across the Read more
BLOCKCHAIN BASED TRACEABILITY SOLUTION by Farmonaut The Blockchain-based traceability solution provided by Farmonaut® is a novel strategy for supply chain Read more
DIGITIZING BUSINESSES IN NIGERIA Farmonaut® and LinxAg, two companies with expertise in digitization and spatial analysis, have joined forces to Read more
Farmonaut is one among the top game changers Farmonaut is a rapidly growing startup that specializes in using satellite imagery Read more
Farmonaut Joins ABI-ICRISAT Farmonaut, has recently become a member of the Agri-Business Incubator of ICRISAT. This membership will undoubtedly bring Read more
Empowering Farmers with Comprehensive GIS Resources for Modern Agriculture The GIS Resources magazine has recently published an article on Farmonaut Read more
Farmonaut Expands Fleet Management Capabilities in heavy duty vehicles Farmonaut, a leading provider of precision agriculture technology and services, has Read more
Unleashing the Power of Agriculture: The Farmonaut-Coromandel Partnership My Gromor app, created by Coromandel International, which is the second-largest producer Read more
Farmonaut's technological advancements facilitate: 1. Tree Number Estimation By estimating the number of trees in a farm, we can determine Read more
2.2 Million+ Satellite images processed at Farm level in 31 days Farmonaut's achievement in processing over 2.2 million farm-level satellite Read more
25X Faster & Highly Accurate Farmonaut's Crop Area Estimation Farmonaut® is a technology company that is revolutionizing the way crop Read more
Lentil: Area and Yield survey in UP and MP Farmonaut did Lentil satellite survey of Lentil in states of major Read more

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OUR TECHNOLOGY BLOCKCHAIN BASED TRACEABILITY Embark on a one-of-a-kind journey as you follow your favorite products from farm to store. Read more What you will receive OUR TECHNOLOGIES SATELLITE-BASED MONITORING We utilize advanced satellite technology to give you detailed crop insights. Read more
OUR TECHNOLOGY TASK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM A pivotal solution for businesses aiming to elevate the efficiency of their ground teams. In Read more
OUR TECHNOLOGY CARBON FOOTPRINTING In today's world where being kind to our environment matters more than ever, Farmonaut's Carbon Footprinting Read more
OUR TECHNOLOGY FLEET MANAGEMENT In today's interconnected world, effective fleet management is crucial for success across industries. We lead this Read more
OUR TECHNOLOGY CROP LOAN AND INSURANCE A trusted friend for farmers. We are offering modern tools that go beyond the Read more
TECHNOLOGIES Empower your farm's evolution with our transformative technologies: Satellite-based monitoring, Carbon Footprinting, Crop Loan and Insurance, Fleet Management, Task Read more
ABOUT US We are a group of folks who love farming and are dedicated to using the latest high-tech tools Read more
Crop Area and Yield Estimation in 22 Districts of Telangana by Farmonaut for Reinhart Read more
Farmonaut Student Ambassador Program Calling all agriculture enthusiasts! Embark on an exciting journey with the Farmonaut StudentAmbassador Program and become Read more
Farmonaut ® Technologies Empowering Decisions with Remote Sensing Data. For partnerships/inquiries, contact us at: [email protected] or +91-6366026267 1 Presence Across The Problems Read more Make Farming Better With Remote Sensing Data10 Million+ Hectares Monitored | 200,000+ Farmers Benefited | 14 Countries Covered Connect Read more
JEEVN AI By Farmonaut® For partnerships/ large scale/ custom requirements contact us at: [email protected], [email protected], Contact No. +91-6366026267 Read more
DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER DOCUMENT FOR FARMONAUT TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED This disclaimer document ("Disclaimer Document") governs your use of the services provided Read more
Farmonaut Satellite & Weather APIDeveloper Docs Web-App Android iOS your own custom agricultural remote sensing solutions is super easy Read more
Farmonaut For Oil Palm Plantation For partnerships/ large scale/ custom requirements contact us at: [email protected], [email protected], Contact No. +91-9899199976 Read more
Farmonaut For Oil Palm Plantation Farmonaut’s Satellite Based Crop Health Monitoring System is built to put satellite technology in the Read more
Farmonaut Satellite & Weather API Farmonaut’s Satellite Based Crop Health Monitoring System is built to put satellite technology in the Read more
About Our Journey Farming Precision Agriculture Improper Chemical Usage Crop Registration System Blogs All Blogs Farming Blogs Plant Issues Remote Read more
For any queries, email us at [email protected] Web App Read more
What it takes to be a farmer in India | A Farmer's Perspective | Rajendra Prasad इन लेखों में, हम Read more
What it takes to be a farmer in India | A Farmer's Perspective | Rajendra Prasad In these articles, we Read more
Improper Use of Chemicals in FarmingA Case Study In India, thousands of tonnes of crop gets destroyed every year due Read more
Applications of Satellite Imagery Bands — Part 3: Near Infrared (B8), Water Vapor (B9), and Shortwave Infrared (B10, B11, B12) With these Read more
Satellite Based Crop Health Monitoring Web App “Why wait for crop to fail when you can detect the problems earlier.” 1. Read more
Applications of Satellite Imagery Bands - Part 2: Vegetation Red Edge (B5, B6, B7, B8A) With these series of articles, Read more
farmonaut satellite imagery
Applications of Satellite Imagery Bands - Part 1: Coastal Aerosol (B1), Blue (B2), Green (B3), and Red (B4) With these Read more
himalayan clouds
Impact Analysis of Volcano-Induced-Tsunami in Indonesia Using Farmonaut A tsunami swept across Indonesia’s islands of Sumatra and Java the night Read more
Analyzing Water Levels of Lakes of Udaipur (India) With the threats of climate change on the horizon, every year hundreds Read more
farmonaut satellite imagery
Mapping Volcanic Activity Using Farmonaut (December 2018) Ever Since we released Satellite Imagery System for both android ( and web Read more
farmonaut satellite imagery
Time Lapse of Californian Fire (November 2018) The State of California experienced massive fire outbreaks in the month of November Read more
Agricultural Technology and Satellite Imagery
About Us Farmonaut started in 2018 with a vision to bridge the technological gap between farmers and bring the latest Read more
About Our Journey Farming Precision Agriculture Improper Chemical Usage Crop Registration System Satellite Imagery Satellite Imagery Login Imagery Samples Blogs Read more
Farmonaut Satellite Imagery The Location Has Moved To A New Link. Click The Button Below To Reach There. Click Here Read more
Satellite Imagery Check Samples Sign Out armonautTM Satellite Imagery Social Feeds [WD_FB id="1"] [custom-twitter-feeds] Satellite Imagery At Your FingerTips Latest Read more
Privacy Policy "Farmonaut Technologies Private Limited built the Farmonaut app for android, iOS and the website. This page is used Read more
About Our Journey Farming Precision Agriculture Improper Chemical Usage Crop Registration System Blogs All Blogs Farming Blogs Plant Issues Remote Read more
Terms of Services By downloading or using the app, these terms will automatically apply to you – you should make Read more
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