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Identify Issues With Your Crop Just By Your Voice


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Govt. Approved Database: 100+ Crops, 300+ Problems, 150+ Solutions

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Satellite Imagery For Research (Non-Farming Usage)

Satellite Imagery

Monitor Your Crop Via Satellite Imagery

Interact with the growing Farming community


Monitoring who is growing what in your region


7000 + Users

  • Monitor Multiple Fields Using Latest Satellite Imagery.
  • Receive the following results:
    • Crop Health Status (Early Stage & Later Stage Growth)
    • Vegetation Water Level
    • Visible Atmospherically Resistant Index
  • Receive satellite results (every 4-10 days).
  • Field Scouting, GEOTIFF Images, Comprehensive Field Report

Field Scouting

  • Keep your GPS ON while you are on the field.
  • Accurately find out which field locations have crop health and water stress issues.

Receive GEOTIFF Images

Farmonaut_Satellite_Monitoring (4)
  • Receive Geolocation tagged images.
  • These images can be used in several third-party remote sensing/GIS softwares
    • ArcGIS, QGIS etc.

Comprehensive Field Report

  • Get Comprehensive Field Report (Images, Graphs, Tables etc.) every time satellite crosses your field. 
    • Weather Data
    • Remote Sensing Data
      • TCI, ETCI
      • NDWI

Access to Latest and Historical Satellite Imagery ranging from 13 different bands in visible and non-visible spectrum as well as 7 more Farmonaut’s own processed imagery types. The imagery can be accessed through our website.

Since water absorbs and scatters light, oceans and lakes tend to look dark or lack detail on True color satellite images, especially in the murky waters near coastlines. Coastal Aerosol (B1) imagery allows for coastal water and ocean color observation, as it reflects blues and violets, and displays subtle differences in the color of water.

The Red Edge band is located between the Red band (B4) and the NIR band (B8), without overlap. In a typical spectral response of green vegetation, the Red Edge band covers the portion of the spectrum where reflectance drastically increases from the red towards the NIR regions.

Near Infrared images can help us identify and monitor a plant’s health. At Farmonaut, we have developed our own Crop Health Monitoring system which processes Near Infrared Imagery in combination with several other spectral images to provide a health color-map of an agricultural land.

Farmonaut can detect 100+ crops and can identify 300+ different issues in the crop just by your text explanation of the problem in a language of your choice (50+ languages supported). Farmonaut not only identifies the issues, but also provides solutions approved by: Central Insecticide Board & Registration Committee.

Farmonaut database is a result of rigorous research and contains details for 100+ crops, 300+ issues, and 150+ chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, plant growth regulators etc.)



Check who is growing what in your region to optimize your cropping strategy


 Every year, so many farmers are not able to sell their produce at a good price, because they do not know quantity of the same crop produced in their region. If everyone is sowing the same crop, then the surplus supply will decrease the regional price. Using the crop registration system, farmers can share what crops they are producing in their region. This data can be verified only by people in their vicinity. With this information available publicly to the community, farmers can change and modify their crop sowing strategy. 


What it takes to be a farmer in India | A Farmer's Perspective | Rajendra Prasad

In these articles, we will share a farmer’s story about his/her ups and downs and the challenges which they face in day-to-day agriculture in their own words. This article is about Rajendra Prasad. 

In India, thousands of tonnes of crop gets destroyed every year due to improper use of insecticides, pesticides, plant growth regulators etc. This destruction of crop can happen either if a farmer uses these chemicals without any scientific knowledge by themselves or by relying on their local shops. 

At times when Farmonaut detection system is unable to identify the issue, you can post your problem onto Farmonaut Forum. As the community grows, your issue will be resolved quickly! Farmonaut brings farmers around the world close as anyone can connect with anyone with no language barrier in place.

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At Farmonaut, we take user feedback very seriously and try our best to integrate user feedback into our platform as early as possible. Today, we are releasing a completely redesigned user-interface ... See more

Releasing a completely redesigned user-interface!
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