A trusted friend for farmers. We are offering modern tools that go beyond the usual farm support. When it comes to crop insurance, financial institutions often run into problems. Things like fake papers, mysterious borrowers, repeated claims, exaggerated values for what we put up as security, and money being used for the wrong things are common issues they deal with.

What you will receive

Crop Yield Prediction

To estimate potential revenue and creditworthiness of farmers.

Personalised Offerings

Access to accurate data, helps financial institutions to develop tailored loan plans.

Risk Assessment

Help financial institutions assess the risk associated with providing crop loans/ insurances.

Fraud Prevention

To identify discrepancies and to ensure, loans/ insurances are granted to genuine applicants.

Pecision Support

Offer guidance to farmers, ensuring the chances of loan repayment.


  • Improved financial evaluation process
  • Enhanced risk evaluation
  • Tailored financial product offerings
  • Simplified farmer request procedure
  • Penetration into untapped customer base
  • Cooperative ventures and alliances
  • Data verification
  • Transparency
  • Digital identity management
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