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Developing your own custom agricultural remote sensing solutions is super easy with Farmonaut® API. Simply make a few API requests and our systems will automatically generate all the satellite data (NDVI, NDWI, EVI, VARI, SOC, TCI, ETCI, NDMI, Evapotranspiration, DEM, RADAR and HYBRID) as well as the weather data for all the fields submitted by your organization.

For partnerships/ large scale/ custom requirements contact us at : [email protected]

How to Use?

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Introduction What you will get?

Image Types


A colormap is a visual representation of the visual intensity of the selected index at a location on the field. For example, if at a particular location on the field, the displayed index value is extremely low, then in that case, that particular location point is displayed as red using colormap 1, whereas the same point is displayed as black in colormap 2. Similarly, if at a particular location on the displayed field, the displayed index value is extremely high, then in that case, that particular location is displayed as green in both the colormaps.

Hex Codes (Color - Index Value Pair)

Analysis Scales

Farmonaut Field Report

Contact us at [email protected] to add your custom logo to the reports.

Other Usage Details

  1. For every 15 weather API requests (current or forecast weather), 1 unit will be consumed.
  2. For every JEEVN AI API request, 1 unit will be consumed.

API Documentation

API Structure

All API endpoints follows the same structure of request and response.

API request structure:

  • The request need to be a POST request.
  • The body should be JSON encoded object.
  • Headers may need to include ‘Content-Type’ and ‘Accept’ keys with value ‘application/json’.
  • The response would be JSON encoded object or a String, as specified in the endpoint doc.
* API testing can be done at Postman 🔗

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Crop Codes

Crop Code
Wheat 2r

Image Type Codes

Image Type Code
Wheat 2r

Langauge Codes

Langauge Code
Wheat 2r
Langauge Code
Wheat 2r
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