About Us

Farmonaut is built upon a vision to bridge the technological gap between farmers and strives to bring state-of-the-art technologies in the hands of each and every farmer. In its current version, Farmonaut comes bundled with the following features.


Farmers can select their field and identify the regions of the field at which the crop growth is not normal. Upon identifying that region of their fields, they can simply pay a visit to that part of the field and identify if the problem has already started. If it has not, the farmer can take preventive remedies by applying more fertilizers, plant growth regulators etc. If the problem has already started, they can simply explain their problem to Farmonaut’s crop issue identification system and get real-time govt. approved remedies.

The satellite imagery is updated every 2-5 days and has a resolution of 10 meters which is 2 times better than google maps in rural India.


Use our voice & text based plant issue identification system, powered by machine learning. In its first version, Farmonaut can detect 100+ crops and can identify 300+ different issues in the crop just by your voice explanation of the problem. Farmonaut not only identifies the issues, but also provides solutions approved by:

Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare, Central Insecticide Board & Registration Committee, Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage.

However, we suggest you to consult your local authorities first if you are not located in India. The usage guidelines may be different for different countries


Language is not a barrier for Farmonaut as it supports more than 50 languages. You can select different languages for app, speech detection and translation.


Farmonaut database is a result of rigorous research and contains details for 100+ crops, 300+ issues, and 150+ chemicals (pesticides, insecticides, plant growth regulators etc.). Farmonaut is capable of generating 5 Million + Remedies (50 lakh+) in its first version.


At times when Farmonaut detection system is unable to identify the issue, you can post your problem onto Farmonaut Forum. As the community grows, your issue will be resolved quickly! Farmonaut brings farmers around the world close as anyone can connect with anyone with no language barrier in place.


Farmonaut believes in adapting and improving with time. Your suggestions and feedback are highly valuable to Farmonaut as it will help building future versions of the app.

Our Journey

January 2018

Development started with a predetermined set of features to be included in the beta version.

April 2018

Beta release of the app with the following features:

  • Voice-Text Based Crop Issue Identification
  • Discussion Forum
  • Database (100+ Crops, 300+ Problems, 150+ Chemicals)
  • 50+ Language Support for App, Speech and Translation

July 2018

First Stable Release of the App with polished existing features as per the feedback from the farming community.

November 2018

Satellite Based Crop Health Monitoring Service Released for farmers.


June 2019

Automated Satellite Monitoring Service provides crop health status and vegetation water level results everytime satellite crosses the farmer’s field.

December 2019

First Version of the iOS App Launched.


January 2020

First version of the web app Launched

And The Journey Continues....

For any queries, email us at support@farmonaut.com


Satellite Based Crop Health Monitoring, Crop Issue Identification System, Farmers’ Social Network, Govt. Approved Farming Database, Satellite Imagery Access For Research and Much More