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We make farming better with remote sensing data.

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Our Services

Our Services

Crop Health

Identifying underperforming locations in the field

Crop Area &
Yield Estimation

Estimate presence of crops and their yields at large scale


Identify the locations water is getting lost into the atmosphere at a high rate.

Water Stress

Identify locations where plant water stress is low.

Radar Data

Crop Health and Soil Moisture Data even in extremely cloudy conditions.

Soil Organic Carbon

Identify locations where soil organic carbon levels have gone down.

Soil Moisture

Identify locations where soil moisture is low.

Digital Elevation

Identify topographical slopes at micro level.

Colorblind Visualization

Get color neutral satellite data (specifically for colorblind users).

Current & Forecast

Get Weather Status from the nearest weather station from the field.

Land Use Land

Get color neutral satellite data (specifically for colorblind users).


Get color neutral satellite data (specifically for colorblind users).

Whatsapp Based Satellite Advisory

  • Send whatsapp messages directly to farmers
  • Option to get feedback directly from farmers
  • Reduce Manual Intervention

90% + Farmers Engaging With the Messages

Crop Area & Yield Estimation

Method for estimating and forecasting which allows analysts or farm owners to predict or calculate the potential tonnage of a particular crop.

Crops: Banana, Wheat, Cotton, Rice, Soyabean, Maize, Yellow Corn, Cumin, Corriander, Corn, Sugarbeat, Clover, Barley and many more….

85 - 95% Accuracy
Fully Automated Process

Blockchain Based Traceability

Tracking and Tracing of the product from raw materials to end consumers.

Records the data of each step involved in the product cycle.

Transparent and Reliable solution using

Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

Plantation Management

Farmonaut helps you in managing your plantations.

Map large scale plantation farms in platform with ease.

You will get the following analysis:

Tree Age Estimation
Tree Area Estimation
Tree Counting
Tree Uprooting Analysis

Some of

Our Additional Services

We are providing major services to large businesses which help them in different aspects of their work

Fleet Management

Farmonaut helps you track machinery giving you various parameters. Tracks any Heavy duty Machinery. Receive data on daily basis

Task Management

Improved efficiency. Enhanced coordination. Real-time updates. Streamlined operations

Analytics Dashboard

Provides Deep down analytics for large scale farm performance

Carbon Footprinting

Farmonaut's carbon footprinting allows businesses to know carbon content also maintain the carbon emission. 90-95% Accuracy

Our Approach

Consists of multiple things which includes : 

Crop Information , Artificial Intelligence, Satellite Data, Machine Learning, Irrigation Information, Weather Data, Soil Data, Crop Production Estimation, Crop Surveillance, Internet of Things, Farm Input Information

Our Clients and Partners

Godrej Agrovet

  • Using our services since 2021
  • 100,000 Acres area mapped and monitored
  • 200,000 Tress Counted
  • Currently working with us in 5 States :Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Mizoram, Odisha


  • Using Our Services since 2021
  • 20,000+ Villages to be covered for mapping and monitoring
  • 1lakh+ farmers to benefit
  • There MyGromor App is connected with Farmonaut’s API


  • Provided them Crop Area Estimation
  • Covered all the 27 Governorates of Egypt
  • Multiple Crops Covered Including Wheat, Clover, Sugarbeat etc.
  • Our Crop Area Estimation data came to be 95% accurate.

TTG, Uzbekistan

  • Did the Cotton crop monitoring for them
  • 2lakh+ Hectares of land covered
  • 8800 farms were monitored
  • It saved 95% of time in ground assessment of  crop yield and crop assistance

Case Study Of Germany

  • Provided them Multiple services as following:
  • Blockchain based Traceability
  • IOT Devices & DashBoard
  • Drone Data.
  • Satellite based Crop Health Monitoring
  • Crop Area Estimation

Troforte Innovations, Australia

  • Connected with us from past 3 years
  • Million+ Hectares of land to be successfully Monitored
  • Will be using satellite based crop monitoring
  • Helping with a interface for soil testing reports

Why Choose Us

90- %
Reduction in survey time
10- %
Savings on crop losses
10- %
Savings on farm inputs

Numbers Speak

API Hits in 1 Month
Million +
Hectares successfully monitoring
Farmers Benifitted
Countries Covered


Meet The Team

Farmonaut is a renowned team of individuals dedicated to revolutionizing the agricultural industry through the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. Led by Ankur Omar, the founder of the company, the team comprises a diverse group of professionals with extensive experience and expertise in various domains.

Ankur Omar


Is an alumnus of BITS Pilani and has been actively involved in developing technologies for over seven years. His passion for leveraging technology to address challenges in agriculture has been the driving force behind the establishment of Farmonaut.

Akash Omar


Brings over a decade of experience in the field of education technology (ed-tech). His expertise in this domain plays a crucial role in shaping Farmonaut's initiatives and ensuring the effective dissemination of knowledge to farmers and stakeholders.

Samir Kumar


Possesses more than 15 years of farming experience, including expertise in the Latin American market. His deep understanding of the agriculture industry and global market dynamics allows him to effectively communicate the value proposition of Farmonaut's solutions to potential customers.

Dipankar Gyan


Brings over two decades of experience in trading farming commodities in the Middle Eastern market. His extensive knowledge of global agricultural trade dynamics and marketing strategies strengthens Farmonaut's position in reaching out to potential customers and expanding its market presence.

Vipul Baloda

Senior Software Engineer

He is from IIT Delhi, plays a critical role in the technical development of Farmonaut's software solutions. With his expertise in software engineering, he contributes to building robust and user-friendly applications that cater to the specific requirements of the agricultural sector.

Ashish Kumar

Senior Product Manager

Has over seven years of experience in developing technologies. His role involves overseeing the product development lifecycle, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring that Farmonaut's solutions meet the needs and expectations of farmers and other stakeholders.

Shivani Dudhatra​

Technical Writer​

Holds a degree from Navsari Agriculture University. With her background in agriculture, she contributes significantly to creating comprehensive and user-friendly documentation for Farmonaut's products and services. Her work ensures users have access to clear instructions and guidelines, facilitating seamless adoption of the company's offerings.

Saumitra Awasthi​

Senior Product Manager​

A Bachelor of Computer Science graduate, brings seven years of experience in technology management to the Farmonaut team. His expertise in managing and implementing technology solutions ensures the efficient development and deployment of Farmonaut's agricultural innovations.​

Sony Sojan​

Technical Writer​

She is an Agri-tech professional with an Honours degree in Agriculture Science. She bring expertise in agribusiness management and content creation, combining her strong academic background with practical experience in the agricultural industry.​

Arindam Das​


Serve as mentor to the Farmonaut team, leveraging his experience of over 30 years in leadership roles and business. His guidance and expertise provide invaluable support to the team, helping them navigate challenges and make strategic decisions.​

Chetan V. Dedhia​


Serve as mentor to the Farmonaut team, leveraging his experience of over 30 years in leadership roles and farming. His guidance and expertise provide invaluable support to the team, helping them navigate challenges and make strategic decisions.​


Farmonaut exhibited at G20 Summit

We are thrilled to announce that Farmonaut® exhibited at the prestigious G20 Conference from 15th to 17th June (3rd Agriculture Deputies Meeting and Agriculture Ministers Meeting). The conference took place at the magnificent Hyderabad International Convention Center.

Farmonaut is now a member of ICRISAT

We are glad to announce that we are now a member of the Agri-Business Incubator of ICRISAT. ABI-ICRISAT was established in 2003 by ICRISAT with support of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, under its National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB).

Farmonaut is now a MeitY SAMRIDH Startup

We are glad to announce that Farmonaut®️ is now a MeitY SAMRIDH Startup. Thank you Indigram Labs Foundation (ILF) for the nomination and guidance.

Farmonaut® has been nominated for participation in Agri Startup Conclave & Kisan Sammelan - 2022.

Agri Startup Conclave & Kisan Sammelan is a two-day celebration of India's breakthrough innovations in agriculture. The program aims at bringing together farmers from across the country for the Kisan Sammelan alongside innovators & agri-entrepreneurs for the startup exhibition at the Conclave.

Farmonaut® selected by The European Commission for EU Global Action on Space.

The EU Global Action on Space is funded by the European Union and provides a range of partnership resources enabling EU and non-EU companies and organizations to work together within and beyond the space domain, to extend and enhance the application of the space program for society’s further benefit.

Farmonaut®, has been covered by Krungthai Compass, an esteemed financial platform of Krungthai Bank

One of the oldest and most prestigious financial institutions in Thailand. Krungthai Bank has a rich history of more than 50 years and is deeply committed to promoting sustainable growth. Its dedication to the agriculture sector and the welfare of the farming community aligns with our mission at Farmonaut. Their focus on innovation, especially in fostering advancements in agriculture, is something we profoundly respect and are delighted to be recognized by them.

Farmonaut® has been covered by FSG in their latest report

Exciting news! Farmonaut® has been covered by FSG in their latest report on "Reimagining Social Change: Emerging opportunities and the way forward for India's agricultural technology sector." The report highlights the latest developments in India's agri-tech industry and the role that technology like AI, IoT, and robotics can play in revolutionizing agriculture. Farmonaut is proud to be a part of this change and we believe that technology has the power to make a real impact on the lives of farmers and communities across India.

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