Automated Whatsapp based Satellite Advisory in 2 mins



Farmonaut’s WhatsApp-Based Satellite Advisory is at the forefront of technological advancements, empowering farmers with real-time insights derived from satellite imagery and artificial intelligence. Through the ubiquitous platform of WhatsApp, Farmonaut offers farmers a seamless and efficient means to monitor their crops, receive invaluable insights, and drive informed decisions—all without the hassle of app installations or complex interfaces. With multi-lingual support and automated AI-based farm mapping, Farmonaut empowers farmers worldwide to effortlessly monitor their crops, gain invaluable insights, and make informed decisions. The staggering statistics speak volumes about its efficacy, with over 40,000 WhatsApp messages sent and a remarkable 90%+ read rate, underscoring its indispensable role in modern agriculture.


Farmonaut’s technology is designed for simplicity and speed, ensuring accessibility and efficiency for farmers. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the process:

Subscription in Seconds

Farmers initiate their journey with Farmonaut by sending a WhatsApp message “Add Farm” to +91-8951751784. This simple action kickstarts the registration process, allowing farmers to subscribe to the service in a matter of seconds.

Location Sharing made Easy

Once subscribed, farmers share their farm’s location via WhatsApp, enabling personalized satellite monitoring tailored to their specific geographic area.

Reports in Minutes

Within an astonishing 2 minutes, farmers receive comprehensive reports directly on their WhatsApp. These reports encompass crucial insights on crop health, weather forecasts, and more, empowering farmers with actionable data to optimize their farming practices.

Benefits Galore

Farmonaut’s automated WhatsApp-based satellite advisory offers a myriad of benefits that revolutionize the farming landscape:

  • Instant Access, No Installation Required: Farmonaut grants farmers access to cutting-edge satellite advisory services directly through WhatsApp, eliminating the need for cumbersome app installations and ensuring seamless adoption.
  • Rapid and Secure Mapping: Farmonaut swiftly maps farms with satellites, delivering secure monitoring capabilities to farmers in just 2 minutes, ensuring timely access to critical information.
  • Comprehensive Insights: Farmonaut doesn’t just provide basic monitoring; its platform offers detailed reports encompassing crop health, weather forecasts, and more, empowering farmers with the insights they need to thrive.
  • Simplicity in Understanding: Prioritizing clarity, Farmonaut ensures that even complex agricultural insights are conveyed in a manner that is easy for farmers of all backgrounds to understand.
  • Multi-Language Support: Recognizing the linguistic diversity of farming communities, Farmonaut offers multi-language support, ensuring that every farmer can access and benefit from its advisory services.
  • Automatic Farm Mapping: By leveraging coordinates shared via WhatsApp, Farmonaut automatically maps farms, streamlining the setup process and enabling farmers to dive into monitoring without delay.
  • Convenient Monitoring: With Farmonaut, monitoring your farm is as easy as checking your WhatsApp messages. Farmers can keep a close eye on their crops from the comfort of their homes, saving time and effort.

Additional features

In addition to the core benefits, Farmonaut’s platform offers:

  • Customized Alerts: Tailored alerts and notifications keep farmers informed about critical developments such as sudden weather changes or pest outbreaks.
  • Historical Data Analysis: Accumulated historical data enables trend analysis and informed decision-making for long-term productivity.
  • Integration with Farm Management Systems: Seamless integration with existing systems consolidates agricultural data for enhanced efficiency.
  • Multi-Language Support: Recognizing the linguistic diversity of farming communities, Farmonaut offers its advisory services in multiple languages. This ensures that farmers can access and understand crucial information in their preferred language, facilitating better decision-making and adoption of best practices.
  • Reports Delivered on WhatsApp: Farmonaut further enhances convenience by delivering comprehensive advisory reports directly to farmers’ WhatsApp accounts. This streamlined approach ensures that farmers have easy access to all the information they need without having to navigate through additional platforms or applications.
  • Multi-Language Support: Farmonaut offers support in multiple languages, ensuring farmers from diverse backgrounds can understand and benefit from the service.
  • Automated AI Based Farm Mapping: Farmonaut’s automated AI-based mapping streamlines the process, ensuring accurate farm mapping with minimal effort.


Farmonaut’s WhatsApp-based satellite advisory has made a significant impact on agriculture:

  • Engagement: Over 40,000 WhatsApp messages have been sent, indicating widespread adoption and use by farmers.
  • Read Rate: With a read rate of over 90%, farmers are actively engaging with the advisory reports, highlighting the platform’s effectiveness in delivering valuable insights.

Farmonaut’s WhatsApp-based satellite advisory is reshaping agriculture. With its rapid, accessible, and comprehensive approach, Farmonaut is not just transforming farming practices—it’s leading the way towards a more efficient, sustainable future. Join the movement and experience the power of Farmonaut’s satellite advisory, all in just 2 minutes through WhatsApp.

Whatsapp “Add Farm” to +91 8951751784

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