Farmonaut Wheat And Paddy Yield Estimation

1. Wheat Yield (Saharsa Region Rabi 2020-2021)​

During the Rabi season 2020-21, Farmonaut performed yield estimation of wheat in Saharsa district of Bihar using its remote sensing data and dedicated algorithms with several vegetation indices in consideration to create meaningful data and also by analyzing previous years data sets. 

The data generated and yield calculated was around 3.7 tonnes/hectare. However, after collecting the ground data and correlating with our estimated yield, we have noticed a deviation of up to 15% at some location. The mean yield achieved in the area was 4.4 tonnes/hectare as compared to our estimated 3.7 tonnes/hectare. 

By conducting such study purpose program, we, at farmonaut will improve and will come up with much better results in coming seasons.

2. Paddy Yield (Uttar Pradesh Region Kharif 2020-2021)​

We conducted yield estimation program in Uttar Pradesh for paddy in kharif season 2020, for our research purpose, using various vegetation indices for every stage of crop to depict its characteristic throughout the cycle. 

Yield estimation is dependent on vegetative indices values which indicates the optimum time to harvest the crop to get maximum output from farms by checking biomass content. After going through the data of previous years and creating correlations, we used those algorithms and implemented them on the monitored fields and farms and our findings were quite close to the ground data with accuracy of more than 90% in results. 

We will continue our research work further to other crops too and will keep on posting our findings as well.

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