Farmonaut’s Satellite based Crop Monitoring: How can it enhance your business?

Farmonaut's Satellite based Crop Monitoring:

Optimizes farming with satellite data insights

Farmonaut’s satellite-based crop monitoring employs remote sensing data for real-time insights on crop health and growth. This precision farming approach

  • optimizes resource usage
  • detects early stress and diseases
  • enables informed decisions to boost productivity

Unique Proposition

We provide you with real-time crop health monitoring for early detection of issues.


Our satellite gives high resolution imagery upto 10m resolution.


Our technology will optimize your way of farming and save your resources up to 10-30%.

Crop Health Monitoring to enhance yield:

Farmonaut’s satellite-based crop monitoring offers real-time insights into crop health, allowing businesses to detect potential issues at an early stage. Through instant alerts and data analysis, farmers can identify signs of stress, diseases, or nutrient deficiencies. Early detection enables prompt action, preventing further damage and increasing overall yields. By closely monitoring their crops’ health, farmers can respond quickly to changing conditions and implement targeted interventions to ensure optimal growth and productivity.

Saves 10-35% on crop losses

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For Precision farming and resource optimization to boost yields and reduce costs:

Precision farming is revolutionizing agriculture, and Farmonaut’s satellite-based monitoring plays a crucial role in optimizing resource usage. By analyzing remote sensing data, the app provides detailed information on crop health variability across the field. Armed with this knowledge, farmers can make informed decisions on resource allocation, applying water, fertilizers, and pesticides precisely where and when needed. This targeted approach minimizes resource wastage, reduces operational costs, and maximizes yields, ultimately leading to more sustainable and profitable farming practices.

Saves 10-25% on farm inputs

For Data-Driven Insights & Remote Accessibility:

Farmonaut’s app provides powerful data-driven insights for informed decision-making in modern agriculture. By analyzing historical crop performance data and satellite imagery, farmers can identify trends and make strategic choices on crop selection, rotation, and farming practices. Additionally, the app offers remote accessibility, allowing farmers to access real-time data and updates from anywhere via web and mobile platforms. This flexibility enables timely responses to critical situations and ensures constant monitoring for successful outcomes.

10 Million+

hectares successfully monitoring


farmers benefited

11 Countries



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