Embark on a one-of-a-kind journey as you follow your favorite products from farm to store. Our unique approach ensures transparency and understanding throughout the manufacturing process. With our tool, you can track your product’s journey, learn about its production, and make knowledgeable choices. Explore farms, witness production firsthand, and support sustainability efforts. Step into the future of shopping, where every purchase shares a story worth exploring.


Enhanced Transparency

Farm Specific Identification

Quick and Easy Access

Brand Credibility

Supply chain accountability

Case Studies


Our solution transformed the cotton industry by ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain. Implemented through a successful two-year partnership with a German client, it provided real-time information on product origin, quality, and sustainability. This innovation enhanced trust among consumers, strengthened sustainability efforts, and streamlined operations for producers and distributors, demonstrating the power of technology-driven solutions in driving positive change in agriculture.


We set the standard for honey traceability with widespread adoption by the Dabur Group, a major honey producer in India. Our pioneering solution operates at the bucket level, providing detailed insight into the honey’s origin by identifying the precise farm of procurement. The integration of a user-friendly QR code scanner improves accessibility, enabling consumers and stakeholders to effortlessly track the honey’s journey from hive to shelf.


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