Remote Sensing

Farmonaut Overview 2021-2022

Farmonaut was a vision seen in 2018 to bridge the technological gap between the farmers and their outputs. It also offers a satellite-based crop health monitoring system to agricultural companies to map more than 25000 farmers’ fields. Farmanaut uses geotagging to map fields and provide smart data to farmers through its robust and advanced web app.

Farmonaut Impact Analysis (April – October 2021)

Last 6 Months have taught us so much at Farmonaut. We faced the dangerous 2nd wave of covid-19 which affected all of us on the team as well as family level. For a bootstrapped startup like Farmonaut® it was a very important battle to be fought. It feels great to see us achieve so many milestones even in these tough times.

Snow Cover Analysis Using NDSI

The differentiation between clouds and snow can be difficult because of similarity in spectral characteristics in the visible wavelength range. It is important to differentiate between cloud and snow to improve in accuracy of cloud detection.

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