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Farmonaut, a satellite-based crop health monitoring start-up with headquarters in Bangalore (India), has recently announced its partnership with Godrej Agrovet to help it map over 15000 farmer fields and capture farm-level data for these fields. 

Precision agriculture is not so much a technology as it is a methodology to increase agricultural productivity through strictly enforced practices of observation, measurement and response to crop variations. 
It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Farmonaut® will be developing ICT enabled digital value chain of TOP (Tomato, Onion, Potato) crops by mapping them using..

खेती, किसानी या किसान, ज़ाहिर हैं देश का एक सबसे अहम क्षेत्र, जिसके बिना शायद भारत जैसे देश की कल्पना करना भी बेईमानी ही हो। लेकिन इतनी अहमियत के बाद भी यह क्षेत्र 

The edition titled Geospatial Technologies: From Data to Information” focuses on the use of various geospatial technologies in the collection of spatial data and then transforming into information.

Farmonaut started in 2018 with a vision to bridge the technological gap between farmers and strives to bring state-of-the-art technologies in the hands of every farmer

The agricultural practices in use today have a very big impact on the environment. Pollutants, waste, soil degradation, irrigation problems, 

Indian farmers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to agriculture. But predicting the onset of any disease surely doesn’t fall in their realm. So where the farmer falls short, 

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